Stats refers to the core, numerical definition of a character or item in the Tri-Stat System. It is the foundation of every character and item in Big Eyes, Small Mouth.

What are they?Edit

Stats are the description of a character's (or item's) core workings. There are exactly three: Body, Mind, and Soul. They have ranks from 1 (completely incapable, such as a baby) to 12 (the absolute maximum of human capacity). In special situations, 12 can be exceeded, but usually it's better to describe features with attributes than go beyond 12.

How do they work?Edit

Stats are mostly used in rolls. One Stat or an average of two Stats are added to almost every roll. Some rolls, called Stat Rolls, only add one stat or an average of two.

In addition, Stats are used to determine most basic number values, such as Health Points, Energy Points, Combat Value and Shock Value.

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